Make your own Roosterkoek

Posted by Cindy on Mon July 27, 2020 in Our Stories.

One of the most common and most enjoyed breads in South Africa! They come in all shapes and sizes. One thing they all have in common is that they are freshly baked on the open coals of the fire.

Roosterkoek has been a favorite for decades!
Freshly baked bread is always a winner, especially when you can cook them on the braai while the fire is peacefully crackling in the corner. 

Ingredients needed:

1kg Cake flour
10ml salt
10ml sugar
20g Instant yeast
500ml lukewarm water


Sieve dry ingredients into large bowl
Slowly add enough water to start forming a dough and gently mix through until you have a ball of dough
Cover the bowl with a damp cloth and leave the dough somewhere relatively warm, until the dough has visibly risen to about double the size (about 30 minutes)
Knead dough back into a ball and then divide equally into smaller balls (10-12)
Shape these however you want. Some people like flatter, larger roosterkoek to add fillings, where others enjoy a round roosterkoek. 
Leave to rise once more. 
Place flour-covered dough on a grid over medium heat coals
Keep a close eye. As soon as it's baked a bit on the one side, turn them over. 
Continue gradually turning and checking until roosterkoek is baked through! 


Cover the work surface with flour so the dough does not stick
To know if a Roosterkoek is baked through, "knock" on the bread. If it sounds hollow, it is ready

Serving suggestions:

Classic roosterkoek: served with apricot jam & cheese
Boerie roosterkoek: served with boerewors & tomato relish


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