• wine tasting at Bosman

Sustainable Wine Tour

Top quality wines, spectacular scenery, and a thriving foodie scene.
This Sustainable Wine Tour was crafted for those like-minded guests who take responsible traveling seriously.

Something that goes hand in hand with our love for good food & wine is our passion for people and the environment.
We endeavor to make responsible choices when creating itineraries for guests and we are mindful of where we eat and who we support.
During this one-day sustainable tour we will visit farms that practice responsible farming methods and are involved in social equity

Things we look for when selecting wineries:

  • Fairtrade farms
  • Biodynamic or organic farming
  • BWI Biodiversity & Wine Initiative
  • Farms with social equity initiatives
  • Diverse winemakers women or people of colour



Reyneke Wines

Reyneke practices biodynamic farming methods and produce excellent organic and biodynamic wines. We will learn about their cornerstone project and how they empower their farm workers through housing ownership, education and retirement annuities. Join the owner, Johan, or winemaker, Nuschka, on a walking vineyard tour to learn more about organic and biodynamic wine farming before you taste their excellent range of wines.

Avondale Wines

Avondale is a certified organic and biodynamic wine farm. Avondale is committed to providing fair and decent living and working conditions to enable their workers to enjoy healthy, balanced lives. They have a community centre, crèche and feeding
scheme on the farm for the farm children. Enjoy the beautiful views and lovely gardens while sipping on their excellent wines.

For lunch, we recommend Faber @ Avondale Faber is a contemporary farm-to-fork restaurant that approaches each ingredient with the
utmost respect. Faber Food is handcrafted using the finest fresh and organic ingredients; creating wholesome, innovative dishes.
Lunch is for clients own account, but we will be happy to assist with bookings.

Bosman Family Wines

Bosman is a Fairtrade certified wine farm. This 8th generation farm has been in
family for more than 200 years. The joint venture between Bosman Family Vineyards and the Adama Workers

Trust saw the formation of the biggest Black Economic Empowerment deal in the wine industry to date, with eligible workers receiving co-ownership of 430ha of prime farming land. The relationship between the family and their team is evident in the fact that many of the 260 full-time workers on the estate are 5th generation families that have a deep a passion for winemaking. With an ownership of a full 26% of the business, a solid skills
transfer system and numerous social projects, the workers are invested in every aspect of Bosman Family Vineyards.

Experience a cellar tour through the 260-year-old Bosman cellar before enjoying a tasting of their fantastic wines.


1 person - R 6400
2 people - R 3600 each
3 people - R 2670 each
4 people - R 2320 each
5 or more people - R 2000 each