Expanding to a Food Distribution Company

Posted by Chrissy on Mon May 18, 2020.

So how on earth did Cape Food & Wine TOURS, a tourism company, become a food distribution company?

Great food and wine has always been a passion of ours, which is why we started a foodie touring company.  Already being involved with tourism with our first company Earthstompers, we wanted to show our international guests the amazing local produce we have in South Africa.  We ran foodie tours for five years, showing off our country’s wineries, restaurants, chefs, and farms.

Then COVID-19 happened.

We went through the hard lockdown, cooked a lot of crazy and elaborate meals, and one night got fresh tuna steaks from a fishing friend.  Hendrik couldn’t stop talking about them.  (If you have ever shared a meal with Hendrik, you know how much he likes to source great food/wine, share it with friends, and discuss it at great length!)  😊

The next morning, Hendrik ordered 40 kilograms of that tuna, and shared it with family and friends to rave reviews. And there the idea was born!

The tour vehicles that are standing in our driveway, can deliver food (and eventually wine) to your door.  The tour guides that are no longer taking international visitors on tours, can drive food deliveries.  And our office staff, rather than making guest pick up lists, are now taking food orders and making food drop off lists!

We have always loved “food with a story”. With this pivot in Cape Food & Wine, we aim to support local products and producers, for the good of our local economy, our carbon footprint, and our health.

We thank you for your support!

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