Healey's Cheese

From humble beginnings, Healey’s Farmhouse Cheddar has evolved to become one of the world’s top four cheeses, winning accolades since 2005. Healey’s produces natural, real cheese, free of all preservatives, artificial colouring, flavour enhances and anti-moulds. With the noble Farmhouse Cheddar being made from unpasteurized milk, it has the added advantage of bacteria (good guys) that are not killed during the pasteurizing process, which adds greatly to the flavour development. The pasture-produced milk is from a local Stellenbosch farm, and the cheese is handmade on Waterkloof farm in Somerset West.

Hendrik's Tasting Notes:

Healey’s noble slow mature cheddar: This is not your everyday Cheddar. This is well-matured hard Cheddar cheese, matured between 9-18 months, you can imagine the depth of flavour.  We did our tasting on a cold winters day in front of our fire place. So I see this as a winter cheese, perfect for a cheese board paired with a heavy wooded Chardonnay, straw wine or your favourite “soetetjie”. But I’m sure if I tasted this cheese in summer I would have said that it will go well with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc. Chrissy immediately thought in the direction of rich hearty pastas and sauces. This cheese would add al ot of depth to white sauces and rich and creamy pasta’s. Please chat to us for Chrissy’s creamy mushroom pasta recipe!

Tomme De Waterkloof: This is a semi-soft rich and creamy cheese. This is French/Swiss varietal of semi-hard washed rind cheese. Perfect for a cheese board, would work well with a range of white wines and also a sweet/dessert wine. Chrissy immediately said she would like to make one of her favourite pear and walnut salads topped with this cheese, a milder replacement for a blue cheese if you have guests or family who do not like blue cheese.