Boschendal Meat Boxes

We at Cape Food & Wine are big fans of Boschendal farm. We have taken our tours to Boschendal for years, and their fresh farm produce and meat has always been a standout. Now we have a unique opportunity to deliver farm fresh Boschendal meat boxes and some of their bakery and deli products to your door!

Boschendal PASTURE PROMISE: We only produce pork from our forest-raised, free-range Duroc pigs. All eggs are from our free-range chickens. We use only 100% grass-fed and hormone-free Black Angus beef.

Meat boxes for 2 or 4 persons available.  Please order by Tuesday, for delivery to your door on Friday. 


Beef Sirloin: portioned from 6 week matured prime cut

Bacon: salt cured & smoked with beechwood

Beef Breakfast Sausage: made with Angus beef, salt, pepper, nutmeg & rosemary (no preservatives or MSG)

Beef Biltong: made from deboned leg meat, cured with salt Beef Mince - made with 50% hind quarter and 50% forequarter mince Beef Rump - portioned from our 6 week dry-aged Black Angus

Boerewors: made with 70% Angus & 30% Duroc pork, salt, pepper, coriander, nutmeg, cloves (no preservatives or MSG)

Droëwors: made with Angus forequarter, natural spices & dried in our drying rooms

Pork Steaks: cut from dry-aged Duroc pork, cuts change depending on availability

Pork Breakfast Sausage: made from Duroc pork shoulder, salt, pepper, nutmeg, parsley (no preservatives or MSG)

Salami: made from our Duroc pork and Angus beef, matured for 4 weeks